2016 Mission’s Conference ‘Take-A Ways’

When the McDonnells went to France 2 years ago we learned something quite interesting.   french-924897_1920French culture does not like the idea of fast-foods and take out, like we do in America.   However there are a few restaurants that are called ‘Take-A-Ways’. 
Here you can order food and ‘take it away with you’.  But they don’t use the term ‘take out’.

During our recent 2016 Mission’s Conference we were given much spiritual food for the purpose of ‘taking it away with us’.   So I hope in these days since our recent conference you have ‘taken away’ with you some spiritual insights about prayer and the Great Commission.    Here below are some truths that I ‘took away’ from our rich week in October.

A Fresh Reminder that God Answers PrayerOur guest shared with us how her conversion to Christ, her family’s conversion to Christ and the completion of the Uzbek Bible were all powerful examples that God does answer prayer.  It took over twenty years but God was faithful in answering the persistent prayers of His people!   What have you been praying for over the long-haul in your life?  Don’t give up, be persistent remember that God is Sovereign and He answers pray in His timing not ours.  He will open doors to the Gospel in His timing.

Pray with Your Eyes Open. Dave Jones challenged us in his messages that our God is Sovereign and He is the one and the only one who can open doors for the Gospel.   As we pray we confess our dependency upon Him to move in people’s hearts.  Are we looking around us and with eyes open to see where God may be moving in lives of people where we live, work or go to school?  Will we be ready to speak the truth when the door is open before us?  If we take these truths to heart; will this not make big difference in our personal lives and in the corporate life of West Church?  It will give us new meaning to being alive in Christ!

Discipleship of the Next Generation.  Dave Jones challenged the men from 2 Timothy 2:2 to pass on the truths that we know to the next generation.  We need to be pouring our lives into others so that the core doctrines and distinctives of the Christian faith will be internalized to the next generation.   Men are we looking for others to disciple?

The Massive Imprint of Trans World Radio.  We learned so much about how far the reach is both in radio and the internet of TWR.  They are so much more than a Christian Radio Station.  They are not only reaching unreached people groups with the gospel but also offering a variety of discipleship, and theological training programs via the internet.  This is so exciting to be part of this new partnership and be part of such a massive imprint upon the Globe.

The Five Absolutes of the Great Commission. Dr. Luke reminded us of ‘Five Alls’ from Matthew 28:18-20 and our personal and corporate responsibility to fulfill this mandate of Jesus.  We will never look at this Commission the same way.  We have no excuse before Jesus not to take this command seriously!

Learning from Paul’s ability to relate to culture in Acts 17. Dr Luke challenged us from Paul’s example to be as distressed about the idolatry around us as he was.  Does it bother us that so many in our culture are lost in their personal idols?  He also reminded us that Paul always made good use of the time he had to engage with people.  Does our personal agenda allow this?  We also learned that Paul was a thoughtful observer of culture so he could make a bridge to them with the gospel.  Do we understand the people around us?  Are we thinking of creative ways to build relationships with them?  Lastly, Paul was a good listener and sensitive in trying to understand people and culture.   How important are these skills to develop so that we can relate the truths of the gospel with the people that we rub shoulders with each day!

What were your ‘Take A Ways? from the Missions Conference?

Pastor Rick

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