West Winds

Thriving Churches in New England

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Holy week was a time of deep spiritual reflection and Easter a joyous celebration. Jesus promised His presence to His followers after His resurrection both then and now in Matthew 28:20 and commanded them and us to be witnesses of His resurrection. The Church […]

Journey to the Cross

Jesus’ journey to the cross had been prepared as part of Divine intention before the creation of the world began. Jesus was the “lamb that was slain from the creation of the world” (Revelation 13:8).  The plan was eternal and divine but the journey to the cross was temporal and […]

Spiritual Unity

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, On Sunday, January 28 we studied John 17:20-25 and discovered the source of our true unity is our supernatural nature mentioned in verse 21. This is the same nature that Jesus shared with His father. We introduced the thought that spiritual unity is deeper than […]

New Year Possibilities

NEW YEAR POSSIBILITIES I have been with you for just a short while and have observed the great spiritual qualities of your church. Your commitment to God’s word, your deep love for the gospel and foreign mission is exceptional. Your love for one another and service to West Church is […]

Greetings from Our Intentional Interim Pastor: Gene Heacock

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I enjoyed meeting so many of you and I appreciated your responsiveness to God’s word this past Sunday. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. As I mentioned my wife Sandy was not able to be with me last week but will attend next […]