Who We Are

West Church of Peabody is a welcoming family of Jesus followers. We are families and singles.  We are children and seniors.  We are those who are seeking answers, new believers and mature followers of the Savior.  We are flawed, broken and being healed.  We are honest and sincere.  We are passionate about having a living relationship with God.  We delight to worship God with contemporary worship songs and hymns.  We love the Bible and believe that it is true.  We love our community and seek to be involved by offering hope and good news.  We want to grow deeper and more devoted in our walk with Jesus and with one another every day.  Check out our media and ministries and join us. 


West Church of Peabody was organized in the 1870s when West Peabody was a small farming community. The faith and commitment of those founding members of our congregation are remembered not only in our church, but in the street names, the houses, and the various structures of the surrounding area. Their faithfulness to the call of God to form West Church is a strong foundation upon which successive generations have built.



As our community changed and grew, West Church continued to grow as well. The current facility was built to accommodate our growing congregation and expanding ministries. Throughout the decades, West Church’s commitment to spreading the gospel at home and abroad as a faithful, Christ-centered ministry has not wavered.