Journey to the Cross

Jesus’ journey to the cross had been prepared as part of Divine intention before the creation of the world began. Jesus was the “lamb that was slain from the creation of the world” (Revelation 13:8).  The plan was eternal and divine but the journey to the cross was temporal and human to its core. There were no shortcuts to the cross. The cross was terminal, it was a one-way trip and it was a lonely journey.

Although Jesus’ death was preordained by the Fathers’ plan and Jesus willingly went to the cross in perfect humility, Jesus learned obedience through His suffering. Have you?

“Although He was a son, He learned obedience through what He suffered.”  (Hebrews 5:8)

Many times we think that Jesus never needed to learn anything. We often think that He did everything in some type of rote mechanical fashion like a Cyborg or a Robotron as if He was programmed to do so.   However, the Biblical picture of Jesus portrays another story. He was tempted by the Devil, frustrated by His disciples, rejected by His friends and often found solace in being alone. Jesus learned obedience through His suffering. The journey to the cross for Jesus required discovery, new growth, and death to self.

Please prepare yourself for Holy Week 2018 by reading the daily devotions provided in the upcoming All-Church emails, which you will receive every day during Holy Week. (Hard copies will be available at the church office.)

Our theme for Holy Week 2018 is Journey to the Cross. We will be comparing our journey to the cross with Jesus’ journey to the cross.

How are Jesus’ journey and our journey similar? How are they different?  We will focus on Jesus and His journey of suffering. Jesus learned obedience through His sufferings. Are you learning obedience through your sufferings? Jesus’ sacrifice was complete. He was crucified. Am I truly crucified? Are you?

Does our need for control and for credit corrode our souls like winter salt impacts a car? Does your need for self-protection or the need to prove something rear its ugly head like the frost heaves hurl stones out of our New England roads and fields?

Take time to review the Journey to Humility guide and ask yourself: Where do I need to grow? How is my ego? It is hard to have my ego hurt if I have already been crucified with Christ! Take time to reflect on your journey to the cross. What is the greatest challenge on my journey to the cross in contrast to Jesus’ journey to the Cross? Take time to share your greatest challenge as well as your greatest area of progress with someone else.


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