Adult Sunday Morning Courses

Bible Study

Each Sunday during the Sunday School hour adults have the opportunity to join in the study of God’s Word in a class. All courses are Biblically based, theologically challenging, and practically applied to every day life. Some courses are designed for men and/or women, and some for smaller groups.


Current Class Offerings Starting April 23, 2017


The Pillars of Christian Character

The class will be following the book The Pillars of Christian Character:  Essential Attitudes of Living Faith by John MacArthur.   The study will consist of looking at foundational inner attitudes of the heart that are marks or evidences of a true believer.  Pillars such as faith, obedience, humility love, forgiveness, self-discipline, gratitude, and worship will be covered.  Having the book is not required for the class, but encouraged.   The goal will be to stir one another to be more like Jesus Christ.  The class format will include lectures, class discussions and times of group prayer.

Location:  Lyons Hall

Teacher:  Pastor Rick McDonnell



Eternity 103:  A DVD course taught by Randy Alcorn  (Class for Women)

This course is a continuation of the class that began in September 2016.      

Have you ever wondered . . . What Heaven is really going to be like?  What we will look like?  What will we do every day?  Won’t Heaven get boring after a while?  We will be watching and discussing the teaching of Heaven on a DVD course called Eternity 101 taught by Randy Alcorn.  The course will help you gain a better understand of our eternal dwelling place.  We’ll talk about the pervasive myths and misconceptions about Heaven, and seek to answer from Scripture the most frequent questions about life after the resurrection, on the New Earth. 

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Location: Upper Room

Facilitators: West Church Women