Why Jesus Said He Came

As we move into this Advent – Christmas season it is our desire to reflect on the first and the second coming of Jesus Christ.  The term ‘Advent’ means coming.  So we celebrate the faithfulness of God’s promise to send Jesus who came to save His people from their sins.  But also we look forward to the Day when King Jesus will return to judge the world and gather His people to Himself to enjoy the inheritance that awaits them.

Each Advent Christmas season we try to have a theme of focus that highlights some aspect of the Christmas story of the birth and coming of the Messiah.   This year it is my desire for us to focus and reflect on Why Jesus said He came to Earth.   There are several statements that Jesus made specifically about Himself and why He came that will help us understand His ministry while He was on earth.  Also to understand that though He rose and ascended to Heaven Jesus is still ministering through the Church, His called out people.   As followers of Jesus we now are His hands, His feet, His Body and we are to minister as He did on earth.

This 2016 Advent Christmas Season we will be observing statements that Jesus made as to why He came and their application for us today as we live our lives as His called out people, the Church. The following below are the statements and Scripture that will take us through Advent to Christmas.  

Jesus said, ‘I came to……

  •  To fulfill all Scripture ~ Luke 4:16-21  (November 27th)
  • To Do His Father’s Will ~ John 4:31-35 (December 4th)
  • Not to Bring Peace but a Sword ~ John 10:24-39 (December 11th)
  • To Give Rest for the Soul ~ Matthew 11:25-30 (December 18th)
  • To Find Followers ~ Matthew 16:21-28 (Christmas Eve, December 24th)
  • To Bear Witness to the Truth ~ John 18:33-40 (Christmas Day, December 25th)


May The Holy Spirit speak to us individually and collectively this Advent Christmas Season!


Sincerely In Christ,

Pastor Rick

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