Transition Team Presentation

Congregational Informational Meeting

Sunday, April 28th, 2019


  • We are committed to the Scriptures and the teaching describing biblical leadership models.
  • We are unified in that we do not want the solo senior pastor/elder model.
  • We want to remain Congregational governed but prefer modified Congregational governance.
  • We are committed to a shared plurality of leader’s model.
  • We believe our congregation needs more education regarding church polity and governance.
  • We are not expanding our elder team at this time but are studying the scriptures diligently that describe the biblical offices of leadership.
  • We believe in elder led not elder rule in church governance.
  • We do not want to “box in” our new senior pastor and need his input before we formalize the final leadership model at West Church.
  • There has been a lack of understanding regarding leadership function at West Church and the roles of lay leaders and the pastors.
  • The Deacons and Trustees created the present leadership team that works with the pastors to improve communication, collaboration, and resolve conflicts.
  • The new senior pastor needs clarity regarding how we lead and govern our church before he arrives.
  • The Leadership Team needs to be developed into a Shepherding Leadership Team to work with our new senior pastor.


  • Plurality of spiritual leaders (not organizational managers)
  • Discipleship; Leadership Development
  • Re-Vitalization: Spiritual community and spiritual vitality
  • Re-Engineering – Structural and organizational change leading to missional alignment
  • Conversion Growth – Outreach strategy: membership mobilization