Worship After COVID Precautions

The Governor of Massachusetts has recalled the COVID 19 recommendations for houses of worship effective May 29. We may gather to full capacity. We are not required to wear face masks. Things are returning to normal.

This is a significant transition for us. We want to make the most of it. And we also want to answer some questions that may arise. Your Leadership Team does not wish to become involved in questions of who among has or has not been vaccinated. We are not going to question worshipers about their vaccination status. You are each advised to act according to your Christian conscience in light of the medical advice of the CDC referenced here. Those who continue to wear a mask will be respected and accepted for their choice.

The Sanctuary has more than enough space to accommodate everyone who may come to worship on Sundays. However, for a limited time, we have reserved up to 6 socially distant seats on one side in the rear of the sanctuary. These seats will be clearly marked for those who still desire the additional distance from others during corporate worship. Please be courteous and DO NOT use any of these seats if you do not wish to social distance. If we find that the spaces are not being used, we will reduce or remove the markings from those seats. Parents who wish to use the Upper Room to worship with children may continue to do so until Children’s Ministries during worship are restored.